Freeman Dyson: Space Dreamer

Poland 2016, 47 min. POLITYKA WEEKLY

Written, directed, and edited by Karol Jałochowski

Music by Tekla Mrozowicka


An English American, Freeman Dyson (1923) is a legendary scientific figure who has influenced countless fields of knowledge. Without his mathematical talent for seeing through things, science would be very different today. He is also known for his optimistically subversive views on key world problems. The world needs heretics to challenge prevailing orthodoxies, he explains. Freeman Dyson has been involved in virtually all the major nuclear disarmament initiatives. He made the planet a much safer place than had been expected. Dyson has also been a lone but vocal proponent of long-term deep space colonization, and of sailing to the moons of Jupiter this movie is about.

Space Dreamer is the fifth installment of the PIONEERS, the series devoted to the most unorthodox contemporary thinkers who have had the courage to challenge current paradigms. The emotions of discovering and stress-testing new theories; the passion which prompts one to go against the expectations of others, against the “publish or die” model; the joys and sorrows of exploring frontiers of the known and the unknown – this is what the series is about.

This ongoing project is produced by POLITYKA weekly, a leading, European opinion-forming magazine. It is written, directed and edited by Karol Jałochowski, an award-winning science journalist, former outreach fellow of the National University of Singapore.


International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam: November 16-17, 2016, Docs for Sale
Krakow Film Festival: March 30, 2017, Docs+Science. Pioneers